Curlew determination[order] Charadriiformes | [family] Scolopacidae | [latin] Numenius arquata | [UK] Curlew | [FR] Courlis cendré | [DE] Großer Brachvogel | [ES] Zarapito Real | [IT] Chiurlo maggiore | [NL] Wulp


Habitat selection by breeding curlews (Numenius arquata) on farmland: the importance of grassland
Author(s): Valkama, J., Robertson, P. & Currie, D.1998
Abstract: We examined habitat composition of territories, habitat use during foraging, and nest-site selection in the curlew Numenius arquata in two arable farmland areas in western Finland 1996-1997. Tall vegetation types, especially grassland, occurred more ..[more]..
Source: Ann. Zool. Fennici 35: 141-148
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Measuring potential negative effects of traditional harvesting practices on waterbirds: a case study with migrating curlews
Author(s): J. G. Navedo & J. A. Masero
Abstract: Because of potential conflicts between commercial and conservation interests, one challenge in coastal-area management is how to regulate harvesting practices in coastal areas without adversely affecting the survival of migratory waterbirds. In mo..[more]..
Source: Animal Conservation 10 (2007) 88-94
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Body-weight changes of egg-laying Curlews Numenius arquata as monitored by an automatic weighing system.
Author(s): Mulder J.L. & Swaan A.H.
Abstract: The fluctuating body-weight of free living female Curlews during egg-laying is described. Weight data were collected using an automatic weighing system. Nests were placed on top of an electronic balance and the data were processed in a computer place..[more]..
Source: ARDEA 80 (2): 273-279
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