Dunnock determination[order] Passeriformes | [family] Prunellidae | [latin] Prunella modularis | [UK] Dunnock | [FR] Accenteur mouchet | [DE] Heckenbraunelle | [ES] Acentor Común | [IT] Passera scopaiola | [NL] Heggemus

Subspecies and global distribution

  1. Prunella modularis obscura
  2. Prunella modularis euxina
  3. Prunella modularis fuscata
  4. Prunella modularis meinertzhageni
  5. Prunella modularis mabbotti
  6. Prunella modularis modularis
  7. Prunella modularis occidentalis
  8. Prunella modularis hebridium
  9. Prunella modularis EU w, sw, also nw Africa


Female control of copulations to maximize male help: a comparison of polygynandrous alpine accentors, Prunella collaris, and dunnocks, P. modularis
Author(s): N. B. Davies, I. R. Hartley, B. J. Hatchwell & N. E. Langmore
Abstract: Alpine accentors and dunnocks bred in polygynandrous groups in which two or more unrelated males shared two or more females. In both species, a female solicited actively to both alpha and subordinate males whereas an alpha male attempted to guard t..[more]..
Source: Anim. Behav., 1996, 51, 27-47
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Female dunnocks use vocalizations to compete for males
Author(s): N. E. Langmore & N. B. Davies
Abstract: In songbirds, males are usually the more competitive sex and they use vocalizations to attract females and to compete with rival males. When levels of female-female competition were experimentally increased in a population of dunnocks, Prunella mod..[more]..
Source: Anim. Behav., 1997, 53, 881-890
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Song switching in monandrous and polyandrous dunnocks, Prunella modularis
Author(s): N. E. Langmore
Abstract: The dunnock song repertoire comprises multiple song types, and during bouts of singing males repeat a song type several times before switching. Several hypotheses suggest that the rate at which males switch song types may function in male-male aggr..[more]..
Source: Anim. Behav., 1997, 53, 757-766
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Competition for male reproductive investment elevates testosterone levels in female dunnocks, Prunella modularis
Author(s): N. E. Langmore, J. F. Cockrem and E. J. Candy
Abstract: In many songbirds, females occasionally sing in contexts of high female-female competition. Testosterone may be involved in the activation of song, because testosterone implants elicit female song in many species with rare female song. A possible m..[more]..
Source: Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B (2002) 269, 2473-2478
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The wintering of migrant Dunnocks Prunella modularis in two Mediterranean habitats after fire
Author(s): PERE PONS
Abstract: Migrant Dunnocks Prunella modularis are common winter visitors to the Mediterranean area. In a burnt forest, Dunnocks were present from October to April...[more]..
Source: Bird Study (2001) 48, 68-75
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Territoriality and song as flexible paternity guards in dunnocks and alpine accentors
Author(s): Naomi E. Langmore
Abstract: I compare paternity defense strategies in the variable mating systems of alpine accentors Prunella collaris and dunnocks P. modularis. I show that in dunnocks breeding territoriality functions exclusively for mate defense..[more]..
Source: Behavioral Ecology Vol. 7 No. 2: 183-188
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