Great Bittern determination[order] Ciconiiformes | [family] Ardeidae | [latin] Botaurus stellaris | [UK] Great Bittern | [FR] Butor étoilé | [DE] Rohrdommel | [ES] Mirasol Común | [IT] Tarabuso eurasiatico | [NL] Roerdomp

Subspecies and global distribution

  1. Botaurus stellaris capensis southern Africa
  2. Botaurus stellaris stellaris Europe to e Asia
  3. Botaurus stellaris EU widespread


Booming activity of male Bitterns Botaurus stellaris in relation to reproductive cycle and harem size
Author(s): M. Polak
Abstract: The relationship between vocalization rate and nesting parameters in the polygynous Great Bittern Botaurus stellaris was studied in a breeding population of eastern Poland. There was a difference between individuals in mean length of boom train and m..[more]..
Source: Ornis Fennica 83:27-33. 2006
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