Savis Warbler determination[order] Passeriformes | [family] Sylviidae | [latin] Locustella luscinioides | [UK] Savis Warbler | [FR] Locustelle luscinio´de | [DE] Rohrschwirl | [ES] Buscarla Unicolor | [IT] Salciaiola | [NL] Snor

Subspecies and global distribution

  1. Locustella luscinioides fusca
  2. Locustella luscinioides sarmatica
  3. Locustella luscinioides luscinioides
  4. Locustella luscinioides EU c, w, sw, also nw Africa


Seasonal and diel budgets of song: a study of Savi's warbler ( Locustella luscinioides)
Author(s): B. Kloubec, M. Capek
Abstract: Seasonal and diel patterns of singing activity of Savi's warblers (Locustella luscinioides) were studied in two areas of Central Europe 300 km apart, over a period of 18 years. We assessed about 4,600 records of individuals singing. Males were found ..[more]..
Source: J Ornithol (2005) 146: 206-214
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