Siberian Jay determination[order] Passeriformes | [family] Corvidae | [latin] Perisoreus infaustus | [UK] Siberian Jay | [FR] Mésangeai imitateur | [DE] Unglückshäher | [ES] Arrendajo funesto | [IT] Ghiandiaia siberiana | [NL] Taigagaai

Subspecies and global distribution

  1. Perisoreus infaustus maritimus
  2. Perisoreus infaustus tkachenkoi
  3. Perisoreus infaustus sibericus
  4. Perisoreus infaustus opicus
  5. Perisoreus infaustus ruthenus
  6. Perisoreus infaustus yakutensis
  7. Perisoreus infaustus ostjakorum
  8. Perisoreus infaustus infaustus
  9. Perisoreus infaustus EU n


Parental nepotism enhances survival of retained offspring in the Siberian jay
Author(s): Jan Ekman, Anders Bylin and H kan Tegelström
Abstract: The evolutionary payoff accruing to parents from breeding offspring could be an incentive for prolonged investments in the offspring. Enhanced survival for offspring as a result of such a prolonged parental investment would increase the value of rema..[more]..
Source: Behavioral Ecology Vol. 11 No. 4: 416-420
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Behaviour and life-history responses to chick provisioning under risk of nest predation.
Author(s): Eggers, S.
Abstract: This thesis examines risk management in breeding Siberian jays (Perisoreus infaustus), which is indigenous to the northern taiga. Parent behaviour and the nest are cryptic. A new nest is built each year. It is placed on spruce or pine branches clos..[more]..
Source: Comprehensive Summaries of Uppsala Dissertations from the Faculty of Science and Technology 773. 37 pp. Uppsala. ISBN 91-554-5463-1
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