Wood Duck determination[order] Anseriformes | [family] Anatidae | [latin] Aix sponsa | [UK] Wood Duck | [FR] Canard branchu | [DE] Brautente | [ES] Pato de la Florida | [IT] Anatra sposa | [NL] Carolinaeend


Effects of back-mounted radio packages on breeding Wood Ducks
Author(s): James H. Gammonley and James R. Kelley, JR..
Abstract: The effects of back-mounted radio transmitters on reproductive effort and return rates of pre-nesting pairs and incubating female Wood Ducks (Aix sponsa) were investigated. Twenty of 22 pre-nesting pairs remained together after capture and radio-mark..[more]..
Source: J. Field Orntthol, 65(4):530-533
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