Allpahuayo Antbird new species Allpahuayo Antbird
Ornithological studies undertaken in certain sandy soil habitats of lowland northeastern Peru uncovered a previously undescribed species of Percnostola antbird. Elements of its morphology, vocalizations, and behavior indicate that it should be considered a well-differentiated species, closely relate.....[read more]

Bukidnon Woodcock new species Bukidnon Woodcock
Bukidnon Woodcock Scolopax bukidnonensis is known from central and northern Luzon and four mountains on Mindanao. Specimens were obtained in the 1960s but were incorrectly identified as Eurasian Woodcock S. rusticola and it was not until birds were sighted and heard in 1993 on Mt Kitanglad, Bukidnon.....[read more]

Chapada Flycatcher new species Chapada Flycatcher
The Chapada Flycatcher is superficially similar to Campo Suiriri Suiriri suiriri affinis but is readily identified by its vocalisations, especially the distinctive male-female duets, bill size and shape and colour of the tail. The species previously had been confused with Suiriri suiriri affinis, wi.....[read more]

Chestnut-capped Piha new species Chestnut-capped Piha
Lipaugus weberi is confined to a small area of forest (c.800 km2) on the northern slope of the Central Andes in Colombia1, where it is known from five locations. The area lies between the Porce and NechÝ river valleys, where it is presently known from four localities in the Municipality of AnorÝ1. T.....[read more]

Chestnut-eared Laughingthrush new species Chestnut-eared Laughingthrush
Kinh, one of the highest peaks in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. It is likely to occur to the north in adjacent Kon Tum province, and could conceivably occur in Laos, because forest habitat within the species' known altitudinal range extends across the provincial and international borders. Three .....[read more]

Fallas Petrel new species Fallas Petrel
A new species of petrel has been described, based on specimens collected at sea. The Vanuatu Petrel Pterodroma occulta, is closely related to the White-necked Petrel Pterodroma cervicalis but is smaller, with a longer tail and different primary colours. It is presumed to breed in the Banks Islands o.....[read more]

Lulus Tody-tyrant new species Lulus Tody-tyrant
Small, well marked tyrant flycatcher. The most striking feature is the rich chestnut-red hood (except small white throat). Hind neck band is grey/black and remaining upperparts are green, with coverts, tertials and secondaries fringed yellow. Below the hood is a narrow, white breast band, and the re.....[read more]

Mekong Wagtail new species Mekong Wagtail
Motacilla samveasnae is known, in the breeding season, from a substantial length of the River Mekong and several of its tributaries in Cambodia, extending upstream from Kampi into southern Laos, and there is a record from the non-breeding season in Thailand. In optimal habitat, linear densities may .....[read more]

Mishana Tyrannulet new species Mishana Tyrannulet
Rather non-descript greenish-yellow tyrannulet. Uniform olive upperparts. Most of underparts also olive, but this grades into yellow on the belly and undertail coverts. Wings dull black with faint olive cast and fringed (along with median and greater coverts) with yellow. Similar spp. Differs from s.....[read more]