Bald Parrot new species Bald Parrot
Pyrilia aurantiocephala is known only from a few localities encompassing the Lower Madeira and Upper Tapajós rivers in Amazonian Brazil. Individuals have been seen in gallery forest and in ?campinarana? forest (on white-sand soils). This region is under threat from logging. Given that the species is.....[read more]

Cryptic Forest-falcon new species Cryptic Forest-falcon
Described in 2002 (Wilson Bull. 114: 421-445), specimens of Micrastur mintoni had been overlooked as Lined Forest-falcon A. gilvicollis or confused with Plumbeous Forest-falcon M. plumbeus for over 100 years, despite the attention of such acutely observant commentators as Charles Hellmayr and Dean A.....[read more]

Kimberley Pipit new species Kimberley Pipit
A recent study of the evolutionary relationships between pipits suggested the existence of a previously undescribed species. Molecular evolutionary relationships in the avian genus Anthus. DNA evidence indicated that a freshly-collected specimen from Kimberley, South Africa, which was originally ide.....[read more]

Little Sumba Hawk-owl new species Little Sumba Hawk-owl
Since the late 1980s, an unknown owl of the Genus Otus has been reported on the island of Sumba in Indonesia. Through DNA testing, this Owl has now been identified as a Ninox owl, but different to Ninox novaeseelandiae (Southern Boobook Owl), Ninox scutulata (Brown Hawk Owl) and Ninox rudolfi (Sumba.....[read more]

Pernambuco Pygmy-owl new species Pernambuco Pygmy-owl
Glaucidium mooreorum was newly described from the Reserva Biológica de Saltinho (which covers just 4.8 km2) in Atlantic coastal forest in Pernambuco, Brazil. It was tape-recorded in the same locality in November 1990. The species was also found in a 100 ha forest patch at Usina Trapiche (08 35'S, 35.....[read more]