Acre Antshrike new species Acre Antshrike
The Acre Antshrike (Thamnophilus divisorius) is a member of the antbird family (Thamnophilidae). Its closest relatives are the Streak-backed Antshrike and the Amazonian Antshrike (Whitney et al. 2004). It was discovered in 1996 in the Acre Arch uplands in the state of Acre in Brazil, and described a.....[read more]

Calayan Rail new species Calayan Rail
A new species of bird has been discovered on a remote island in the northern Philippines, by a team of Filipino and British wildlife researchers. The Calayan Rail is a relative of the internationally familiar Moorhen, with bright red beak and legs contrasting strikingly with its dark plumage. But un.....[read more]

Meess Nightjar new species Meess Nightjar
Caprimulgus meesi occurs in open to dense scrubland with scattered small trees or at the edges of open forest. It is encountered inside dense forests or at the edges of dense forests. The species is characterized as common along forest edge and in wooded cultivation. C. meesi occurs sympatrically wi.....[read more]

Rubeho Akalat new species Rubeho Akalat
Rubeho Akalat Sheppardia aurantiithorax was described in 2004 (Beresford et al 2004). It is endemic to Tanzania, where it is restricted to montane forest at 1,800-2,200 m in the Rubeho highland, the small Wota forest in the Wota Mountains, north-west of the Rubehos and in the Ukaguru Mountains (the .....[read more]

Serendib Scops-owl new species Serendib Scops-owl
A small, short-tailed scops-owl, lacking apparent ear-tufts. Quite uniformly rufescent, paler below, with small dark markings all over. Central belly and undertail coverts paler and unspotted. Weakly defined facial disk, white supercilia, and yellow to orange irides with a black outer ring. Iris mor.....[read more]

Togian Hawk-owl new species Togian Hawk-owl
On Christmas night (25 December) 1999, in the village of Benteng on Togian Island, three unidentified hawk-owls were watched by torchlight, hunting from perches in a garden. They were medium-sized true owls, lacking ear tufts, with a dark, pale-scalloped mantle, darkish facial disc, grey bill, white.....[read more]