Iquitos Gnatcatcher new species Iquitos Gnatcatcher
A typical gnatcatcher. Largely pale grey with a thin black bill, black eye with a conspicuous broken white eyering, black legs and white corners to the tail. Has a uniformly grey throat and chest, with a white belly, undertail coverts and undertail. Males lack any black on the head, shown in all ot.....[read more]

Planalto Tapaculo new species Planalto Tapaculo
It is about 12 cm long and weighs around 15 grams. The upperparts are mainly dark grey, the underparts are paler grey. The flanks are buff with dark bars. Adult males of the Mouse-coloured Tapaculo are uniformly dark grey with no flank barring. The song contains a long series of notes uttered at a r.....[read more]

Stiles Tapaculo new species Stiles Tapaculo
Stiles's Tapaculo's song is considerably faster and lower-pitched than that of the closely related Ecuadorian Tapaculo S. robbinsi. Furthermore, it is genetically distinct and retains its integrity throughout a 300 km stretch of the Cordillera Central where it occupies montane forest between 1,420 a.....[read more]

Sulphur-breasted Parakeet new species Sulphur-breasted Parakeet
Sulphur-breasted Parakeet is a fairly common bird of open areas on the northern bank of the lower Amazon river in the state of Pará. Specimens of the new species have been present in collections at least from the beginning of the 20th century. One of the reasons that it took so long to be recognized.....[read more]

Upper Magdalena Tapaculo new species Upper Magdalena Tapaculo
A typical Scytalopus tapaculo, predominantly slate-grey all over with some buff-brown barring on the belly. Similar spp lacks distinguishing plumage features. Best identified on voice. Voice the song is amongst the simplest of any Scytalopus, consisting of a single note repeated at a pace of 4-5 per.....[read more]