Bougainville Bush-warbler new species Bougainville Bush-warbler
Cettia haddeni is endemic to the island of Bougainville, Paupa New Guinea. It has only recently been described, although its existence has long been known to local inhabitants. Since 1972, ornithologists have been aware of its presence, but only through voice. Years of civil war prevented fieldwork .....[read more]

Bugun Liocichla new species Bugun Liocichla
Overall, an olive-grey bird with a black cap, black uppertail. It has a striking gold streak either side of a black eye, gold in the wing as a broad panel and extending as gold fringes to the primaries. Otherwise dark remiges and retrices are tipped with vibrant red. The closed underside of the tail.....[read more]

Dark Batis new species Dark Batis
The forest batis, Batis mixta, is a common bird of the forests of the Eastern Arc Mountains of Tanzania and in some adjacent montane and coastal forests. Through new collecting efforts in most of this range we documented a well-marked change in morphology in the middle of the range. Supplementary ge.....[read more]