Diamantina Tapaculo new species Diamantina Tapaculo
The Scytalopus populations occupying the Chapada Diamantina, state of Bahia, have been regarded as representing the same taxon found in the southern part of Serra do Espinhaço, in the state of Minas Gerais. However, on the basis of specimens obtained recently at Chapada Diamantina, we found that the.....[read more]

Gorgeted Puffleg new species Gorgeted Puffleg
The highly distinct new species is characterised by an enlarged, bicoloured iridescent throat patch (hence 'Gorgeted') in males and white tufts above the legs which are characteristic of 'Puffleg' hummingbirds. The flamboyantly coloured Gorgeted Puffleg Eriocnemis isabellae, a new species of humming.....[read more]

Rufous Twistwing new species Rufous Twistwing
A tyrannid assignable to genus Cnipodectes by a combination of relatively large size; broad, flat bill surrounded by well-developed rictal bristles; shaggy plumage texture overall; broad, squared tertials with pale inner and outer edges; and primaries twisted in their orientation, with primaries 8-6.....[read more]

Sincora Antwren new species Sincora Antwren
The Sincorá Antwren is restricted to the Serra do Sincorá in the Chapada Diamantina, Bahia. It is found in campos rupestres (rocky montane scrub) while the similar Rusty-backed Antwren F. rufa is found in cerrado, borders of gallery forest and white-sand forest. It differs from Rusty-backed Antwren .....[read more]

Solomon Islands Frogmouth new species Solomon Islands Frogmouth
Originally, the bird was misclassified as a subspecies of the Australian Marbled Frogmouth, Podargus ocellatus. The blunder went undetected for decades, until a collecting trip led by Kratter in 1998 turned up a specimen on Isabel, a 1,500-square-mile island in the Solomons. The Solomon Islands Frog.....[read more]