Bare-faced Bulbul new species Bare-faced Bulbul
Based on distinctive morphological (plumage and skin) and vocal characters we describe a new species of bulbul from the limestone karst of central Lao PDR and place it in the genus Pycnonotus. The species is so far known from one locality in Savannakhet province and two probable earlier records from.....[read more]

Limestone Leaf-warbler new species Limestone Leaf-warbler
Beginning in 1994, ornithologists began to notice birds thought to be the Sulpher-breasted Warbler (P. ricketti) in breeding condition, singing, in what was their wintering range in Laos. Upon more detailed study, they realized these warblers represented a unique taxon. The plumage was nearly identi.....[read more]

Río Orinoco Spinetail new species Río Orinoco Spinetail
We describe a new species of spinetail, Synallaxis beverlyae (Río Orinoco Spinetail), from river island scrub in the lower and middle sections of the main river channel of the Río Orinoco in Venezuela and adjacent Colombia. This taxon has been overlooked previously because river islands were not exa.....[read more]

Spectacled Flowerpecker new species Spectacled Flowerpecker
The Spectacled Flowerpecker is a new species of bird discovered in the forests of north-eastern Borneo in June 2009 and apparently belonging to the flowerpecker family Dicaeidae. It has not yet been formally described or given a scientific name because of limited information and lack of a specimen. .....[read more]