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Flame-crested Tanager determination
Conservation status
Flame-crested Tanager status Least Concern


Flame-crested Tanager (Tachyphonus cristatus)

[order] Passeriformes | [family] Thraupidae | [latin] Tachyphonus cristatus | [UK] Flame-crested Tanager | [FR] Tangara ā huppe rouge | [DE] Haubentangare | [ES] Frutero de Cresta Rojiza | [IT] Tangara crestadifiamma | [NL] Vuurkuiftangare | [SU] Vlamkuif

The male is mostly black with a broad, flat yellow and orange crest. There is a variation of crest colour amongst the 9 sub-species. Usually somewhite at the shoulder can be observed and this shows as white under-wings in flight. The rump is buff as is the throat although this might not be very noticeable in some lights and some sub-species have smaller throat patches. The female is olive-brown above with a white throat and rich ochraceous underparts. Some sub-species have a chestnut tinge to the crown and rump
wingspan min.:0cmwingspan max.:0cm
size min.: 15cmsize max.:16cm
incubation min.:0daysincubation max.:0days
fledging min.:0daysfledging max.:0days
broods:0 eggs min.:0 
      eggs max.:0 

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