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Plain-bellied Emerald determination
Conservation status
Plain-bellied Emerald status Least Concern


Plain-bellied Emerald (Amazilia leucogaster)

[order] Apodiformes | [family] Trochilidae | [latin] Amazilia leucogaster | [UK] Plain-bellied Emerald | [FR] Ariane vert-doré | [DE] Hellbauchamazilie | [ES] Diamante ventriblanco | [IT] Amazilia ventrechiaro | [NL] Gmelins amazilia | [SU] Kownubri

Distribution map
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Upperparts shiny golden green, belly white. The flanks are green, central tail feathers bronze green, outer tail feathers are blue-black . Slighty decurved bill is black except for base of lower mandible which is flesh colored. Legs black. The sexes are alike.
wingspan min.:0cmwingspan max.:0cm
size min.: 9cmsize max.:10cm
incubation min.:14daysincubation max.:15days
fledging min.:20daysfledging max.:25days
broods:0 eggs min.:1 
      eggs max.:3 

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